SIRUI UV Filters
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SIRUI UV Filters
Providing exceptional protection to your expensive lenses.
Product: SIRUI Nano Multi-layer Coating UV Filter
Functions: Protects the lens and weakens the blue cast caused by the UV Rays to enhance the quality of the image.
Material: German Schott Plate Glass B270 with AircraftGrade Aluminum Ring
American Corning Glass with Premium Quality Brass Ring
UV37A | UV39A | UV40.5A | UV46A
UV49A | UV52A | UV55A | UV58A | UV62A
UV67A | UV72A | UV77A | UV82A | UV86A
UV95A | UV105A
UV40.5B | UV49B | UV52B | UV58B
UV62B | UV67B | UV72B | UV77B | UV82B
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